Tokenomics (NIT)

NIT is NEX’s liquidity pool index token.
Owning NIT is equivalent to owning all assets in the NIT pool, investing in the index of major crypto assets via a hedging strategy.
The NIT pool is a multi-asset pool that supports trading and allows users to long/short and perform swaps. In comparison to other DEXs where one can only buy and sell with impermanent loss, at NEX, less fluctuation and more stability through a hedging strategy is accomplished via NIT.
Upon providing liquidity to the NIT pool, users buy NIT tokens that represent the index of NEX's liquidity pool. As NIT holders provide liquidity for leverage trading, they will make profit when leverage traders make a loss and vice versa.
Depositing assets in NIT pool = Providing liquidity = Buying NIT tokens = Investing in the index of assets in NIT pool = Investing in a hedging strategy via NIT
Holders of the NIT token earn 70% of protocol fees. The other 30% is allocated to be used to continue building NEX in accordance with its roadmap, considered as revenue of the core entity operating the protocol. Note that the fees distributed are based on the number after deducting the network costs of keepers and referral rewards. Keeper costs are usually around 1% of the total fees.