Welcome to the NEX referral program.
Here are some basic terms to help you out:
  • Affiliate: Creates a referral code, receives a part of the trading fees generated by active users as rebate
  • Trader: Uses the referral code created by an Affiliate, receives discount on their own trading fee

Creating a code

To create a referral code:
  • Go to the Referrals page
  • Click on the Affiliates tab
  • Create a referral code using any combination of letters, numbers and underscores
    *Note that referral codes are cASe-SenSiTivE.
Once you have created your code, click on the copy icon next to the code to get your referral link. It should look something like this:<your code>.
You can share this link on any platform, e.g. Twitter, Telegram, Discord. When a user clicks on your link, your referral code would be stored with the user's account. When the user makes a trade, they would receive a discount and you would earn rebates from their trading fees. You will continue to earn rebates even if the user uses another device later on, as the referral code is stored on the contract the first time the user makes a trade.
Affiliates and Traders will receive rebates/discounts on the opening and closing fees from leverage trading. The discounts and rebates will be distributed in USDC every week. Your rebates history will be viewable on NEX Referral page.

How It Works

All referral rewards are calculated starting Wednesday until the next Wednesday. Rewards are paid out before the weekly reward distribution for NIT holders takes place.
The NEX referral program uses a tier system, which rewards traders differently depending on the number of active users using the referral code and weekly volume.
Our tier system is as follows:
Tier1: 5% discount for traders, 5% rebates to referrers.
Tier2: 10% discount for traders, 10% rebates to referrers.
  • At least 15 active users using your referral codes per week, and a combined weekly volume above $5M
Tier3: 15% discount for traders, 15% rebates to referrers.
  • At least 30 active users using your referral codes per week, and a combined weekly volume above $25M
Anyone can create a Tier 1 code. If you satisfy the criteria for Tier 2 or Tier 3 and wish to upgrade your code, submit this form.
After submitting, please send an email to [email protected], as tier upgrades have to be added in manually by the team.
Upgrades based on the submission forms will take place on Wednesdays. If your upgrade has been successful, the referral reward pertaining to your new tier will take place the following week. Note that your tier may also be downgraded if your code does not fulfill the criteria.
*The referral program may be subject to change.
We also have a special referral code given to users who join as NEX Ambassadors. Please read through NEX Ambassadorsfor more information.