NEX Ambassadors

Building the Next Generation Exchange with NEX Ambassadors

NEX Ambassadors utilize their individual skill sets and experiences to help build NEX’s presence in various spaces and create insights for traders and investors in and outside of the NEX community. We are looking for ambassadors who truly believe in the values and potential of NEX and want to contribute to the growth of the NEX protocol as part of the community.

What are the roles of an ambassador?

The ambassador’s role is to spread the word about NEX in a way that will contribute to a healthy trading/investing environment. This includes generating and promoting accurate and insightful contents (threads, videos, articles, etc) that align with NEX’s features and direction.
Ambassadors can contribute by:
  • Generating content specific to NEX (features, vision, etc.)
  • Sharing trading/investing insights backed by data and analysis
  • Onboarding new users through educational content on trading, NEX, the crypto ecosystem, etc.
  • Performing in-depth research about the market, trading, NEX, etc.

What would increase my chances of becoming an ambassador?

  • You own a DeFi / Crypto / Trading community on Twitter, YouTube, or Discord (min. 100 active participants) and can provide statistics on your community metrics.
  • You are using NEX and have a deep understanding of the protocol
  • You trade regularly using DEX or CEX
  • You are active on Aurora/Optimism

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

By becoming a NEX ambassador, you will be our partner in creating new value on Aurora/Optimism and beyond. Ambassadors will receive a Tier 3 code that does not require minimum volume for discounts/rebates. Not only will you, yourself, benefit from rebates, your audience will receive the special benefits of following you.
Ambassadors may also be eligible for the following benefits:
  • You and your channel will be introduced on the NEX Ambassadors page on our webpage, if you wish. This will allow NEX users to flow into your channel, and your followers to flow into NEX.
  • Your content will be shared to the NEX Discord channel.
  • Gain access to private communication channel with the team. This includes high consideration for all feedback and opportunities to shape the direction of the NEX protocol.
  • Receive a customized version of NEX NFT
  • Receive an [Ambassador] badge on Discord
  • As the ambassador program grows with NEX, we will introduce further benefits.

How can I apply?

Please submit a thorough application with as many details as possible through the form below.
The team will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Please note that unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.